Do I Need to Clean My Air Ducts? Here's How to Know for Sure

Are you wondering if your air ducts need to be cleaned? It can be difficult to tell, but there are some signs that can help you decide. The easiest way to tell if the air ducts need a good clean is if there is an irregular flow of air in the bedroom, bathroom, living room, and kitchen. If the indoor air flow is not of the same quality, it is best to consult a technician to ensure that all ventilation grilles have clean ducts. It is also recommended to change the air filter every 90 days or every 60 days if you have an allergy to dust or pet dander. It's not always just the accumulation of debris in the air ducts that causes the system to have to work harder.

Cleaning the air ducts will help any home start off fresh by eliminating these contaminants. Rodents can also find their way into the ducts, making nests and leaving excrement, which can cause small fecal spores to travel through the ducts. This can cause the boiler and air conditioner to work harder in order to maintain a comfortable temperature. It's important to be wary of air duct cleaning companies that offer unusually low rates or promise very fast service. To ensure better indoor air quality, it is beneficial to routinely inspect and clean air ducts.

You might detect mold around the vent covers, but unfortunately, many components of your heating and cooling system aren't easily accessible, so mold in air ducts is especially difficult to detect visually. That dust and dirt are full of pollutants and air pollutants that can not only harm indoor air quality, but can also cause the system to work harder. Cockroaches can also find their way into the vents, so it is important to remove them as soon as possible. Cleaning the air conditioning system will help clear the ducts and allow air to move more efficiently. If you notice symptoms similar to those of an allergy appear in enclosed spaces when you turn on the heating and air conditioning (especially during seasonal changes), this could be an indicator that you need a good clean of your ducts. To ensure better indoor air quality, it is beneficial to routinely inspect and clean air ducts.

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