What is Included in an Air Duct Cleaning Service? A Comprehensive Guide

Having a clean and healthy home is essential for you and your family. To ensure good air quality, it's important to consider air duct cleaning services. But before you start the process, it's important to understand what is included in the service. Many people are confused about what is included in air duct cleaning services, as they are often part of the overall cleaning of the air conditioning system.To ensure that as much dust and debris as possible is removed, accredited technicians use a variety of tools such as rotating brushes, air compressors, and vacuums.

They may also use inspection equipment if there is an obstruction or other reason to inspect ventilation grilles (such as bad odors). Additionally, HVAC technicians are responsible for cleaning other components of the unit, such as the fan motor, the coils, and the drain pan. Cleaning the ducts helps extend the functional life of the heating and cooling system. Afterward, the technician will install a suction collection unit to create negative air pressure in the air ducts. This prevents dust, dirt, and other debris from spreading throughout the house and accumulating in the suction collection unit. The Environmental Protection Agency does not have a fixed schedule for cleaning ducts like you would with other regular maintenance tasks.

Air duct cleaners are likely to have at least one inspection tool, from a simple mirror to a periscope to a CCTV camera system with flexible cables to reach hard-to-reach parts of the air duct system. For safety reasons, it's best to hire a technician who is trained and certified by the National Air Duct Cleaning Association (NADCA). When properly performed by a qualified technician, cleaning the air conditioning system, including cleaning the ducts, has not been proven to be harmful.

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